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Things That Look Ridiculous

Just as the title suggests this is a list of all the things that I think look unattractive that, for whatever reason, the general population wear or has worn at some point in time.

I will add more to this list when I think of more. If you would like some more clarification as to what I mean, just send me a message.

1. Uggs

2. Crocs.  Unless you are on your feet for long periods of time, like lets say a nurse, you should not be wearing them. ( Jared Leto is the ONLY exception to this rule. )

3. Gladiator sandals

4. Oversized hoop earrings. ( If you can fit it around a newborn’s wrist, its too big. )

5. Oversized gold hoop earrings with sayings like ‘baby’, ‘diva’, ‘cutie’, etc

6. Gold necklaces with sayings like ‘baby’, ‘dive’, ‘cutie’, etc

7. Yoga pants the say ‘juicy’, ‘diva’, ‘cutie’, etc

8. Shirts that say ‘baby’, ‘diva’, ‘cutie’ ( etc ), “witty” sayings, anything to do with Happy Bunny or Playboy

9. Silly bands

10. Belts around anything but your waist

11. “Nerd” glasses

12. Chunky belts

13. Jeggings

14. Camo anything

15. Think Pink

16. Oversized heels ( anything higher than 3 & half inches tall )

17. Designer handbags

18. Designer sunglasses ( Really? There is no reason for you to wear sunglasses that are more than $13 )

19. Oversized purses

20. Shutter sunglasses ( WHY???? )

21. Bedazzled anything

22. Unreasonably long chandelier earrings ( Anything more than 2 inches long )

23. Wearing any clothing that is obviously too small

24. Bell bottoms

25. Short short skirts

26. Booty shorts

27. Boat shoes

28. Oversized multi-colored sneakers

29. Wearing jeans with a dress or a skirt

30. Hair that is black on top and blonde on the bottom, or vise-versa

31. Big gauges ( If you can fit a pencil through it, its too big )

32. Ying-yang anything

33. Gold, silver or diamond teeth or fillings

34. Tramp stamps

35. Butterfly and fairy tattoos

36. Tattoos on the face

37. Wife-beaters

38. Overalls ( Unless you paint houses or buildings for a living )

39. Sandals with socks

40. Nails, fake or real, that are more 2 centimeters long ( Starting from where your nail meets your skin, outwards )

41. Clip-in hair extensions, especially those of unnatural hair color

42. Wearing anything that says ‘princess’ when you are over the age of 12 ( Unless your goal is to stay pure, if so you’re certainly doing it right )

43. Baggy pants and shorts

44. Wearing gym shorts under shorts

45. Thong-like bikinis

46. Mullets

47. Confederate flags

48. Gold and silver chains

49. Snap backs

50. “Gangster” cartoon characters on anything

51. Truckers hats on anyone that doesn’t drive an 18-wheeler 

52. Popped collars

53. Fake tans and over tanning ( Unless you are an orange or you work at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, YOU SHOULD NOT BE ORANGE )

54. Anything that gives you a muffin top

55. Body glitter

56. Bee hive hairdo 

57. Platform shoes ( If you work at a disco club ignore this )

58. Ankle tattoos

59. Do rags

60. Jean jackets, vests and shirts

61. Skin tight shirts

62. Tube tops

63. Baby Phat

64. Oversized shirts

65. Jackets tied around the waist

66. Lanyards clipped to jeans ( I don’t know why, I just hate it )

67. Crimped hair

68. Cowboy boots ( Unless you actually work on a farm of some kind or work in agriculture )

69. Cowboy hats ( Same as above )

70. Little kid’s backpacks ( Dora, Spiderman, Superman, Sponge Bob etc ) used by those over 12 years of age

71. Jerry curls

72. Suede boots

73. Cheeta print

74. Wearing slippers to school ( Yeah, thanks for the reminder of what I am not but should be doing at 7 AM )

75. Rasta anything ( Don’t even start with me on this, I bet the majority of you don’t even know what the colors symbolize. You just wear them because Bob Marley did )

76. Carrying two separate purses or one purse and backpack OR a purse, backpack AND a tote bag ( Yes, I’ve seen girls do this )

77. Neon socks ( Unless you are going to a rave )

78. Knee-high socks ( Those only belong in a porno )

79. Wearing sneakers with a dress

80. Jesus beards

81. Dreadlocks